Speakers - Dr. Christine Kaszycki

Christine Kaszycki

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Christine Kaszycki
Assistant Deputy Minister
Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry
Ring of Fire Secretariat

Dr. Kaszycki began her career as a Geologist initially with the Geological Survey of Canada and then with the Ontario Geological Survey in Sudbury. In 1997, Christine moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba where she became the Assistant Deputy Minister for Mineral Resources in the province. In that capacity, she led the development and implementation of Manitoba’s mineral sector protected areas strategy. She also led the development of Manitoba’s Mineral Sector Guidelines for fostering relationships and economic opportunities with First Nations and Métis communities in the province.

Christine rejoined the Ontario Public Service in September 2005 as Assistant Deputy Minister for the Mines and Minerals Division in Sudbury. Over the past five years her efforts have been focused on developing relationships and supporting economic opportunities with First Nations and Métis communities, enhancing the growth of Ontario’s mineral cluster through implementation of Ontario’s first Mineral Development Strategy, establishing the regulatory framework and value added cluster related to diamond production in Ontario.

Over the past two years, Christine has led the Modernization of Ontario’s Mining Act, a key government initiative aimed at ensuring that mineral development in Ontario is undertaken in a manner that promotes a balanced approach that benefits all Ontarians.

On October 25, 2010 Christine assumed her new role as Assistant Deputy Minister, Ring of Fire Secretariat with the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines and Forestry, and is responsible for coordination and implementation of this new provincially significant mineral development opportunity for Ontario.

Dr. Kaszycki has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Geology from Carleton University and has a M. Sc. and PhD in Geology from the University of Illinois.

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